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The purpose of news is to inform and to communicate. News is a lot different than entertainment or amusement.
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News is not there to make people laugh, but news is there to give them information that they can use to make a good decision.

Meaning of News

The term news is a German word that means “as a spring.” This means that news is used as a medium to inform people about current events or happenings that may be newsworthy. There are a variety of forms of news which can be found online. Some of the most common forms of news are business, science, sports, entertainment, and political.

News is needed all the time, whether it is as a cause for celebration or a cause for alarm. The things that we should be focusing on in terms of media at the moment include national, international, global, and regional news. Any type of news that is being broadcast or published on a daily basis will eventually reach the mass market, meaning that we need to pay attention to our news sources, or otherwise we will miss something out. 

Source of News

The internet is an excellent source of news and we should all watch for what’s going on, however, we need to be very cautious with what we read online.

Enlighten People’s Lives

In many cases, news has been used to enlighten people’s lives by educating them on current events and by raising awareness about social issues. These stories are often what move us and when they are used appropriately they can bring us together.  

Means of Explaining Societies

Today, we may notice more stories of public protests, political figures’ scandals, and the struggles of individuals to go about their daily lives without suffering from hunger, living in harsh conditions, or any other hardship. News has also been used as a means of explaining the ups and downs of people and societies in general. News stories have portrayed different perspectives of world events and these have given people an insight into different types of situations. 

Real news is being told from different angles, and this makes it different from entertainment. Most entertainment is focused on one side of the story, and that side is usually the one that the audience is looking for. News takes a more balanced approach to the truth and offers a wide range of perspectives.

- Brad

News comes in different forms and it is up to us as viewers to decide what to believe. Every country has its own way of telling its story, which makes the news come from different places. It would be hard to discuss the world in the same way if it was only the news of the United States that was presented.

- Jessica

Source of News

Whether it be interesting shocking, or informative, people can relate to the news easily when told from different points of view.

Primary Source of News

This makes live news the only thing that we really have when we want the full story. There is no other way to get all of the information that we need in the matter of seconds. With the many people who turn to the internet as their primary source of news, you can see why there is so much confusion over the different types of 






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